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Clear & Dark Wax

Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood, Retique It Furniture Wax Polish contains a unique, blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. It is easy to apply, and once buffed to the desired sheen level, provides a depth of finish that revives and protects any original finish. Only an oil based wax can give excellent protection quality and feel to painted furniture.

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White Wax

You can use Retique It White Wax to highlight the details and give a nice French provincial or white washed effect. Retique It White Wax is also great for that drift wood or beachy effect. A little goes a long way. Once you apply clear wax you can add the white wax then go back over with clear wax to erase and blend if needed.

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Silver & Gold Wax

Retique It Furniture Wax in metallic gold & silver can give your pieces a look that can be a true conversation piece for all to see it.

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Retique It


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Retique It

From Clear Plastic to Wood!

Watch this clear plastic ghost chair transform into a grained wooden chair with Retique It® Liquid Wood!

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Graining Tool

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