Q. How do I use Retique It Liquid Wood over Concrete?

concrete before Concrete lines  Concrete after
Clean & Paint Draw Plank Lines Stain & Seal
Clean off all dust and wipe down floor. Make absolute sure there are no oil based products, like wax or greasy residue on any part of the surface. Use Mineral Spirits or Denatured Alcohol to remove it if it exists. Paint Retique It® Liquid Wood over the entire floor using a roller, sprayer or brush. Use a board to draw lines with a permanent marker to emulate the flooring planks. The lines will show through the final staining. Allow to fully dry. Then use a graining tool with a second if you wish but stay within the lines for each graining pattern. Allow to fully dry Stain with the color of your choice. (Make sure the stain is a preferred brand and not a "Penetrating Stain" like MinWax®) Follow the wood stain directions on the back of the can for absorption and drying times. Then apply a wood flooring sealer.