Gina Pacchelli

A few years ago I hit rock bottom while facing a divorce and being forced to do things on my own. 

Out of necessity I had to figure out a way to improve my home on my meager budget .   While browsing used furniture, I found some done in chalk finish paint and dark wax.   I loved the look, but couldn't afford to buy custom furniture at the time, but I knew I could replicate that look myself.

Keep in mind, I was never encouraged to do anything artistic during my marriage, but once my husband left I delved into art because of the joy I experienced through the expression and freedom of it.

I can still remember when I found the perfect piece to test out my new found passion.  I discovered it while cleaning out my garage.   I had forgotten the piece (which I endearingly call "she") was even there.  She was an old dresser, and surely a beauty in her day despite being covered in dust with peeling veneer and smelling of cats. I could already see how beautiful she was going to become again.

She was old and I didnt want to ruin her so I decided to practice on a few other pieces before I started her. I was hooked from the start.   


As I brought these pieces back to life and gave them a second chance.  I realized my old furniture had become like a metaphor for my life. 


The art was soothing my crushed spirit and reviving my soul.   


I felt alive again like I was a new person!  


I was returning back to the person I was before my unhappy marriage.  So in turn that old dresser saved me as much as I was saving it. 

I was encouraged by my friends to pursue this new hobby as a business and thus was born Unique Salvaged Treasures where everyone gets a second chance.