Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's brand of stain works best on liquid wood?

A: Most wood stains work well on liquid wood. Some are much easier to use than others. Here is a list in order of ease of use: Varathane Premium Fast Dry, Old Masters®, Sherwin Williams®, Any brand of Gel Stain.

We do not recommend
MinWax® wood stain products.

NOTE: Always follow the instructions on the can of the wood stain you choose. Absorption time varies by brand and product line.

Best Choice

Not Recommended

We have found Varathane® Premium Fast Dry stain to be the easiest and cheapest wood stain brand to work with.  With an absorption time of 1 to 3 minutes it really takes the guess work out of how long you want to leave it on before pulling it off. (Varathane can be found at The Home Depot)
Some colors of MinWax® wood stain do not absorb well into our liquid wood product. The ones that do require 5 to 15 minutes to absorb. We do not recommend using MinWax wood stain products with Retique It® liquid wood.

Q: What surfaces will liquid wood work on?

A: Retique It® Liquid Wood can be applied to anything from furniture to steel doors, laminates, masonry, PVC, MDF, glass and more. All of these and more can be turned into beautiful stained products. Liquid Wood will not adhere to Silicone or other petroleum based products.

Q: Do I need special tools to apply liquid wood?

A: No, liquid wood can be applied with a standard paint brush, paint roller or paint sprayer at 4-6 mils thick.

 Q: How is a wood grain achieved?

A: Brush or Spray On Wood grain will vary with choice of brush and technique. As you apply the product with a brush, the brush strokes create a surface that will appear as wood grain when the stain is applied. If you use a sprayer, you will not achieve the wood grain, because there are no brush strokes, however you will still have a beautiful solid wood appearance.

A: Using a graining tool takes it to a whole new level if you want a pronounced raised grain. If you want a contemporary look you will likely not want to use a graining tool.

Q: How do I prepare my surface for liquid wood?

A: Preparation is important with this product just as with any other paint or stain. Remove any loose paint, dirt, grease, or other undesirable content for best results. Patch any unwanted holes or grooves in your project with putty or non- shrinkable painters caulk. This product will not adhere to silicone caulk.

Q: Can I use liquid wood for outdoor projects?

Only if the sun does not directly shine on it. Liquid wood does not have protection against the UV rays of the sun. If you are using it for a project that will be in a covered area exposed to the elements, but not the sun, then you can use a spar varnish to protect the finish. 

Q: How long until the liquid wood is completely cured?

A. Each layer of liquid wood should be fully dried and cured within 2 hours. Check your wood stain and sealer for absorption and dry times. 

Q: What type of sealer of poly should I use?

A: The sealer you should use varies depending on the durability a your project requires. The general rule is to use the type of sealer you would if you were protecting a wood finished piece.

For Cabinets / Furniture / Walls
A: Retique It® Polyacrylic, or any polyurethane product.

Flooring / Counter tops / Table tops
We recommend using a poly/sealer made for flooring. Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is made for flooring yet it is food safe.